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Electronic Enrollment and Education Platform

Electronic Enrollment and Education Platform

Online education and decision support means you get higher participation and satisfaction and reduced training and communication costs.

    Client Communications

    Client Communications

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      Section 125

      Section 125

      Our Section 125 implementation and enrollment services focus on proper education for your employees and their loved ones.

        403b Retirement Plans

        403b Retirement Plans

        Let TDS help you supplement your state retirement benefits with a voluntary Defined Contribution 403b retirement plan. Why offer 403b?

          Benefit Consulting

          Benefit Consulting

          Let our innovative and forward thinking approach to brokerage services prepare you for the future with confidence.

            457 Retirement Plans

            457 Retirement Plans

            Let TDS help you supplement your state retirement benefits with a Deferred Compensation 457 retirement plan. Why offer 457?

              Let Us Show You How We Can Significantly Reduce the Cost of Your HR Administration and Employee Benefits

              Tax Deferred Solutions (TDS) is a California-based full-service National plan administrator with a proven track record of providing quality services to corporation, schools and municipalities since 1978. We exist to help you save money in the following areas: