125 Plans/Health Reimbursement Arrangement: How do I access care with an HRA?

When you see a healthcare provider for covered services subject to deductible and/or coinsurance the provider will submit a claim to your insurance plan. Some services may be covered prior to meeting your deductible, such as preventative care visits. If the service is subject to your deductible or coinsurance applies, your provider will generally bill you after the health plan has processed the claim. Remember, your HRA may offer auto-payment services, whereby your provider might be paid directly from your HRA or you may receive reimbursement directly. If you receive a bill form your provider, you can provide your benefits debit card number on the payment remittance, or pay out of pocket and then file a claim for reimbursement from your HRA (a reimbursement check will then be mailed or deposited into your bank account).

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