457 Plans: How do I start a 457 investment?

You will need the assistance of a financial adviser to begin your 457 investment. You can use an adviser of your choice. You can also contact Tax Deferred Solutions for a referral to a licensed and vetted financial adviser that has independently contracted with Tax Deferred Solutions to provide plan participants with investment advice.

Your financial adviser can assist you with the paperwork necessary to begin the deferral. You will need to establish an account at an authorized investment provider under the plan. The authorized investment providers under the 457 plan are not the same as the providers under the 403(b) plan. You can determine which providers are allowed by contacting Tax Deferred Solutions or obtaining a Summary Plan Description which lists the providers.

Once you have established an account you will need to fill out an enrollment form (usually a 457 Salary Amendment Agreement or deferred Compensation election form.) The enrollment form must be turned into your payroll department. In addition you will need to complete a Direction of investment form which will be turned into Tax Deferred Solutions.

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