Employee Support Center

TDS provides a dedicated Multilingual Benefit counselors to provide a confidential personal one-on-one explanation and enrollment of the employee’s core and voluntary benefits Plans.

Payroll processing

HR & Payroll Administration

Eliminate System Costs, Eliminate Paper, Ensure Compliance. One System – One Data Base

– Applicant Tracking
– Electronic Employee On-Boarding
– Time & Attendance
– Payroll, Administration & Processing
– ACA Compliance
– Benefits Administration
– Employee Access for HR & Benefits enrollment

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Employee Benefits Plan Administration

Employee Benefits Plan Administration

TDS makes it easy for you to offer compliant, employee benefit plans. By outsourcing the administration to TDS, you don’t have to maintain in-house regulatory experts.

– Plan design, consultation and review
– Plan Documents
– Common Remitting of plan contributions
– Compliance checking and corrections of over-contribution, invalid transfers, loans and hardships
– IRS Audit support
In most instances, at NO cost to the employer

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Online Enrollment and Education

Online Enrollment and Education

TDS helps you to avoid work site distraction by offering an online open enrollment and education platform. Reduce administration costs and increase participation of your voluntary benefits package.

– Employee chooses convenient location and time for enrollment process.
– Onsite enrollment meetings (optional)
– Animated training modules to educate employees on complex benefit options.
– Call center for product and technical support
– Improve employee satisfaction and participation.

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Services We Offer

TDS is an administrator not an insurance company, therefore, we are able to offer the best services at the best value to our customers. We continuously innovate to improve service and provide superior plan management, creating a wide selection of programs carefully designed to expand an employer’s benefits package without increasing their workload or costs.

Section 457 - Retirement Plans

Section 457 — Retirement Plans

Let TDS help you supplement your state retirement benefits with a Deferred Compensation 457 retirement plan. Why offer 457?

– Available to state and local government employers.
– Access to funds upon separation of service, regardless of age
– Not included in 403b, 401k and other qualified plan contribution limits
– Accepts pre-tax contributions with deferred tax on earnings.
– Accepts ROTH (after-tax) contributions with tax free earnings.
– Call center for investment advice (onsite meetings optional)

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Section 403b - Retirement Plans

Section 403b — Retirement Plans

Let TDS help you supplement your state retirement benefits with a voluntary Defined Contribution 403b retirement plan. Why offer 403b?

– Available to state and local government employees or qualified church organizations.
– Access to funds at age 59 ½ for active employees.
– Accepts pre-tax contributions with deferred tax on earnings.
– Accepts ROTH (after-tax) contributions with tax free earnings.
– Call center for investment advice (onsite meetings optional).

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Broker Services

Benefits Consulting

Let our innovative and forward thinking approach to brokerage services prepare you for the future with confidence.

– Leveraged renewal negotiations
– Technology innovation
– Proactive service model
– Dynamic communication strategies
– Innovative, forward-thinking application of data analytics
– Multi-year strategic planning

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