403(b) Plans: How do I set up a 403(b) investment account?

The first step to start your 403(b) investment is to choose an authorized investment provider.

For assistance in choosing an investment provider that is authorized under your plan contact your Financial Adviser or call TDS for a Representative in your area. You may also locate the authorized investment providers on the Summary Plan Description available from your payroll department or from TDS.

In California, you can also go to www.403bCompare.com to obtain information on available investment providers.

Once you have selected an investment provider, you will need to create an account with that provider. Contact the investment provider to set up the account. They should be able to provide you with the correct documents and instructions on how to create the account. Your financial adviser can also assist you in setting up the account.

Once the account has been setup, submit a Salary Amendment Agreement to your payroll office or to TDS as designated on the form. A Salary Amendment Agreement is an enrollment form that notifies your employer to begin making deferrals from your paycheck. A Salary Amendment Agreement can be obtained through www.403bCompare.com (in California), your payroll department or TDS.

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